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Grow garden cuttings into a money tree

Nature is your best friend when you turn your passion for gardening into a source of extra money. And it is so simple.

Take cuttings from special plants in your garden and plant them in small plastic pots--like the ones you see in the local garden center.  Then start seeds in other very small pots--again like at the garden center.  Then water and wait.  

Mother Nature should do her work within a few weeks.  The cuttings will have taken root and the seeds should have sprouted to produce seedlings.

Then hold a "garden sale" on your driveway.  Post signs around your neighborhood.  List your garden sale online on Craigs List.  Post notices about it on community bulletin boards.  And at the end of the day, pocket the money you made and move any unsold pots into your back yard to continue growing until you hold your next garden sale.

Selling rare and unusual plants

We recently spoke with a man at the local farmer's market who had trimmed a tropical Plumeria tree in his back garden and put the ends of the trimmed branches into big  plastic pots filled with rich potting soil.  Several months later, when he was confident the cuttings had taken root, he held a garden sale on his driveway based on one ad on Craigs List.  And he earned over two thousand dollars over two weekends.  

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A few weeks later he showed up at one of our local farmers' market with the few remaining potted Plumeria and proceeded to sell them in another couple of weekends.

One of the reasons he was so successful was that Plumeria trees had just begun making a comeback in popularity after 50 years of being pretty much ignored.  His Plumeria was also of a rare color, which made it all the more desirable and allowed him to charge higher prices.

Cacti and condos - meant for each other

A retired couple sell succulents and cacti in small, colorful pots at a local open air market for extra retiree income.   Cacti and succulents are often the plants of choice with apartment and condo owners because they grow very slowly and can be ignored for weeks without shriveling up and dying.

And as with the other garden sale ideas on this page, Mother Nature does most of the work in producing the products you sell.  You just harvest the profits.

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