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Add to your retirement income by teaching

Many colleges and tech schools these days do not require their instructors to have advanced college degrees.  They are looking for people who have solid, real life experience in their fields.  In fact, many colleges advertise that students will be taught by experienced instructors because that is what their students want.  

Technical and trade skills instructors are in demand

Advertising that their instructors have real-life practical experience is the hallmark of the increasing number of trade, tech and health care training schools.  

If your skill set matches their needs they would like to talk with you about joining their faculty.  You will find for local branches of trade or technical colleges near you by looking for their websites online.  

Adult education classes can bring in extra cash

You can turn almost any topic into a class and begin teaching adult education or extension classes through a local community college.  You will be expected to submit a written outline of the course you develop.  

Classes are usually 2 to 6 hours long and may be given as a one day class or over several days or evenings.  Saturday classes are usually the best-attended.

Many classes stem from an instructor's hobbies or personal interests, rather than traditional academic subjects.  Other people develop classes based on their primary businesses.  In our local college people are teaching everything from jewelry making to photography to landscape design to investing. 

You will be paid only for the hours you teach.  Many instructors, however, sell books they have written to their students in order to supplement their teaching pay. 

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