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 Teach your way to more retirement income

retired man teaching student You have spent a lifetime acquiring business, technical, professional or trade skills and knowledge. Now can be the best time to turn those abilities into additional income by teaching what you know to the next generation.  Better yet, you do not necessarily have to get a teaching certificate or have a PhD to land a teaching job.

Teach online.  Live anywhere.

Online education is growing faster than you can imagine and the online colleges are looking for qualified instructors.  If you have a Masters degree or PhD in your field,  they would love to hear from you.  

Teaching online does require that you have to be at your computer at a specific times but your computer and you can be located anywhere these days--from the comfort of your home office to a beach in Baja California! 

Business experience more important than a degree

Many online colleges offer classes, certificates and degrees in business, including specific types of businesses.  

If you have years of experience, but no advanced degree, the online colleges may be interested in having you become an instructor in your field.   

Trade and tech schools are also looking for instructors with practical experience. Your real life business experience counts enormously. 

Many schools and colleges--both online and off--promote the fact that their instructors have real life experience in the fields they teach.  Their students want that practical instruction to help them get good jobs fast.

More teaching jobs for retirees. 

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