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Turn household repairs into cash income

Many a retired contractor is finding a new source of added retirement income by becoming a handyman.  And some men (and even some women) who have done their own home repairs for years have begun to join the ranks of handymen, too.

Salesman first, handyman next

Recently we heard of two.  One was a retiree who left a big city sales job for a printer and retired to a much smaller city about 80 miles away.  He had always done the repairs on his income property as well as his own home.

The new city was beautiful but he knew no one.  That did not last long.  He got business cards for his new business as a handyman, posted them on community bulletin boards at the local grocery store and coffee house. 

It did not take long before his phone was ringing and his new handyman business was launched. 

Because he had sufficient retirement income and did not necessarily need the money, he was able to pick and choose what household repair jobs he would take. 

Better yet, he met a lot of new people this way.

A contractor picks and chooses the work he does

Another man, a contractor who had moved into a retirement community volunteered to help replace light fixtures in the community center. He had no intention of working after retirement.  But one thing lead to another and before long he, too, had a nice handyman business. 

All of his customers were located in the retirement community so it made for an easy commute to work for him.  And he did not bother with business cards.

As with the retired salesman, he was able to pick and choose which jobs to take and work only when he wanted to.  He echoed the salesman/handyman by saying that meeting new people in his community was a terrific benefit from the work.

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