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Earning money online

We all have read about online success stories where someone sets up a website and instantly becomes screamingly rich.  But the reason we read about this amazing overnight success is simply this:  it is such an unusual occurrence that it is newsworthy.  All the millions of websites that perform poorly or merely adequately never make news. 

It is, however, possible for an individual to make some money with a website or blog.  But it is unlikely to be millions of dollars and it is equally unlikely to happen overnight.  

I know.  I have almost a dozen websites and can tell you that it has taken years of work to build and maintain them. The first one was launched in 1998. My  sites provide a modest  supplemental income--which is very nice now that I am retired. 

What kind of online business are you going to launch?

The first thing to do is decide what you are going to do online.  Internet businesses generally break down into two categories: 

1) You sell stuff and the money you get paid from the stuff you sell is your income.  An example of this kind of online business would be selling collectable china online at Ebay.  Or selling boxes of peanut brittle you make from your grandmother's treasured recipe on a website you set up. 

2)Become a publisher of an informational blog or website and the ads on your site become your source of income.  The Huffington Post, Hot Gardens, and this website are examples of online publishing which rely on advertising for revenue. 

Niche Marketing--where real internet success comes from.

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