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Make extra money reselling online 

Selling things from your attic or garage on Ebay or an online want ad site is so obvious that it seems barely worth mentioning.  There are, however, some secrets to real ongoing success as a reseller. 

The most important key to reseller success is the recognize that you are starting a real business to make a profit.  It is not an excuse to shop and spend some more.  

Another important issue is specialization. Focus on a few types of merchandise that you already know about or are eager to learn more about.  Perhaps it is watches, or hair ornaments, or bowling equipment. Just be sure to specialize in something that interests you.

Then present the items you are selling in the best light possible.  Write very detailed descriptions of each item you list for sale.  And if the items have a brand name, mention it!  Brand name merchandise sells better.

Also be sure to post excellent photos of the items from all angles. Show close-ups of details. You want your customers to be happy, not disappointed.  For more details about niche marketing online click here.

Buying stuff you plan to sell Ebay or Craigs List

For example, you decide to start selling some old pieces of china or a few table linens or old toys you already own. Research the prices online at Ebay or Craigs List for other similar items. Research the availability of like items.  If there are already dozens of similar items online and they are not selling, that tells you that you should consider another area of specialization.  Or if the prices are so low that your profit would be minimal, again reconsider your specialization.  

After you have sold the items you already own, begin seeking out more items in your special category at garage sales, estate sales, or tag sales. Don't get tempted to buy a little of this or a little of that in hopes that you might be able to resell it. You want to stay within your area of expertise and knowledge, so you won't buy things you cannot resell at a decent profit.  After all, you are setting up a small business as a reseller to make money, not to spend it on more stuff to clutter up your home and your life.

Reselling work tools and sports equipment

A couple of areas of specialization seem particularly suited to men.  We have spoken with a few men at swap meets selling used tools and power equipment. They told us they search out tools and equipment in working condition at garage sales or moving sales.  They clean them up and sometimes have to repair the items they find, then resell them at a tidy profit at one of the local swap meets.  One of these resellers also collects antique tools for resale to private collectors.

Another man was successfully reselling gently used sports equipment.  More about that here.

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