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Easiest and best job for retirees 

The easiest and best job for many potential retirees today is simply to continue working at the job you already have.  After all, you have the skills, knowledge, contacts and any licensing needed.  Better yet, you already have an employer who is willing to pay you regularly.  Given the financial damage done by the Crash of '08, your wisest course may be to keep working full time for a few more years. 

The second best retiree job

But if you have already retired or are facing a compulsory retirement or buyout, the next best thing is to seek freelance, consulting or part time work using your existing professional skills and knowledge.  

The goal of freelance or consulting work is to generate income plus give yourself more time to do the other things you want in retirement.

Your old boss is a new best friend

To start a part time career as a consultant or freelance, your old boss can become your go-to guy.  If you are still employed, ask the HR Dept. or your boss if the company would be interested in employing you part-time after your retirement date. If you have retired recently, make the call to your previous employer and ask the same question about working part-time.  You may be happily surprised to hear: "Yes."  From the company's point of view, it is less expensive to hire you part time on an "as-needed" basis than to hire someone else and go through a time-consuming and costly training period.

Avoid the "pick-your-brain" trap

If you old boss turns you down, your next step could be to call the competition.  Obviously, companies that compete with the one you worked for will be interested in talking to you about employment.  Two things to watch out for: 1) Be sure to wait until you are retired to avoid any potential non-compete issues. 2)  Be careful that the interview with a competing company does not turn into a  "pick-your-brain-then-send-you-on-your-way" session.  And be certain to make it clear that you are looking for part time freelance or consulting work -- that you are not looking for a full time on staff job.  Unless, of course, you are. 

Take your current skills to a new field

Everyone knows that health care is growing by leaps and bounds.  You may be able to take your current experience to this or some other rapidly growing industry without having to spend time and money acquiring new skills.

Teach your way to more money in retirement  Even if you don't have an advanced degree, you can teach what you already know and earn money.  Learn more about this here. 

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