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Sew much fun and money

A woman we know began to use her sewing talents to earn extra cash when she was in her 70s.  She is now in her mid-80s and still sewing strong.

She began simply by making small quilt-look blankets and colorful aprons and bibs for her grandchildren.  Friends and neighbors began to ask her to make ones for them and were more than happy to pay her for them. 

Then she began selling the baby blankets and children's aprons to a local children's store and before long selling them in an open air market.  

One of the secrets to her success was that she purchased pre-printed fabrics with quilt-like designs so she was not having to invent the baby and toddler quilts and blankets from scratch.    

Next she added machine washable books for infants and toddlers which she also made from pre-printed fabric, readily available in fabric stores. She simply cut out the pages printed on the fabric, lined the interior of the pages with washable padding, then sewed the books together.  

If infants chew on these fabric books or toddlers spill snacks all over them, the books simply go into the washing machine and come out like new.

Within weeks of introducing washable books, her income doubled.  Grandparents are the primary market for all her quilted blankets and washable books.

Sewing for pets

Pet clothes, pet blankets, pet booties and pet beds--they all sell for very high prices both in local pet shops and online.  If you have both the interest and the skills to create innovative items for dogs, in particular, you can make a tidy amount of extra income.

For details about how to sell your handcrafted goods online go here. 

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