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Earn a very nice income as a party entertainer

If earning $40 to $200 for an hour or two's work appeals to you, consider becoming a birthday party entertainer.  Better yet, if you have ever told stories to your grandchildren you are already well on your way to having the skills to do this.
  The first thing you need to do is decide which type of birthday party entertainer you want to be.  A story teller?  A clown?  A magician?  A puppeteer?  A hula dance instructor? Or perhaps you will combine two or more of these.

For example, you could become a story teller who uses hand-puppets to tell part of the tale.  Or a clown who does a magic trick or two.  (Or does a magic trick so badly that it makes the children laugh!)

Become a fantasy character to delight children

Your next step is to decide what character you will become and develop a costume for that character. This is very important!  Will you act the role of the Fairy Godmother, telling your own versions of fairy tales to young children? Then you should create or buy a fantasy costume that a Fairy Godmother would wear.If you want to be Cowboy Jack and tell amazing tales of cowboys and the old West, then dress the part from a big hat on your head to boots on your feet. Or if you plan to teach hula dances to primary school-age girls, wear a Hawaiian print dress and a (plastic) lei.

Develop an act, a performance for your character

As a birthday party entertainer, you will be expected to entertain the children at the event for 45 to 90 minutes or so. You would start with a get-to-know you activity, then move into your entertainment, your act, your unique performance, then finish with a closing.

The best party entertainers make up stories based on the interests of the birthday child who should be the focus of the entertainment.  (Whatever you do, do NOT plan just to sit and read a story from a book if you want to get referrals. You need to do much more than that!)  

After you've developed your performance, 'test-drive' it on real children -- ones in your neighborhood or your grandchildren and their friends. See how they react and make changes if you realize they're becoming bored or unsatisfied with your act. You may have to develop several versions of your act to make sure it is interesting and appropriate for the age of the children attending the party.

How to promote your business

Obviously, tell everyone you know that you are now working as a birthday party entertainer.  Be sure to tell them all about your character and the performance you do.

Hand out business cards and post your business cards on neighborhood bulletin boards at coffee houses and grocery stores.  Set up a free website on Weebly, Wordpress or Wix so potential customers can contact you by email.

 (Be sure to ask for a phone number so you can call them back and make all the arrangements.) You could easily set up a Facebook page and also Tweet about your service online.

Doing a story time at a nearby library or bookstore can help build your reputation. It's wise to ask if it is okay to hand out your business cards at the event.

If you need more information, search on line for simple magic tricks, costumes, fairy tales and clown associations which offer training.

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