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Retirees can live for (almost) free in National Parks

The U.S. National Park Service welcomes retirees with open arms. Every year it hires nature guides, historic re-enactors, trail builders, people for information booths, computer specialists, beach patrollers, and more.

Jobs like these are available for seniors at almost 400 locations across the U.S.   Now there is a catch: these are volunteer jobs.  You will not receive a paycheck for your work -- instead you will be able to off-set your housing costs.  

The people who hold these jobs are called "worker-campers" because they can park their RVs at the National Park campground at no charge. That means much of their housing costs are free.

Worker-campers may be given a volunteer's uniform to wear and be reimbursed for specific out of pocket expenses. 

They  may also be required to have a medical exam and, in some cases, go through a security clearance before being hired.  

Most of these jobs last for only a few months during the peak tourist season.  A carefully arranged schedule, however, can mean working year 'round at the most beautiful locations across America--moving from Park to Park. For a list of all National Parks and locations, go here.

Be aware that you will have a lot of competition at some of the most popular Parks.  Consider having a back-up plan when you fill in the application.  Be  willing to work in a Park in the same general area of the country.  And don't be afraid to take a big risk and go somewhere you have never heard about before. After all, it is only for a few months time and it is going to be an interesting experience in a beautiful environment, no matter where you are.

An interesting footnote: there are a number of people doing these NPS Volunteer jobs who are living solely on Social Security. 

If you are interested in a paying job at a National Park, go here.

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